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"season´s greetings"

will try to make this short (because it´s late and tomorrow I hafta get up early).

havent written anything here since nov. 23rd -> bad
have thought a lot about posting -> good
have tried to keep up with friends´ posts - > good

currently on holidays -> great
anniversary with MVOS-N was good
birthday was ok

tomorrow I´ll spend time w lil bro and bf -> tiring but otta b good

x-mas wont be any cool this year, maybe cos I´m kind of a grown up now *pout*

xmas wishlist is non-existent; I have a few ideas in my head, but none are awsome, not even good. And not that I always make a wish list, or that I´m expecting many gifts, but because mum, dad, and family are asking me what thing/sI want from them.

uni isnt going as well as wished/hoped. nonetheless i expect myself to get better after holidays. Anyone in for encouraging comments?

i wish yous alls "merry xmas and happy new year", you know the line but maybe you dont always get the feeling; so instead I´ll type *HUG* :)
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