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it's been two years now

since one mistake led to another and the result ended in my dog Yosi having to be put to sleep.
Two years that at least once per week something or someone reminds me of that brownish fluffball that used to curl up in my bed and jump to my table in search of cuddles.

With this post I dont intend to look whinny, and I'm not depressed, only somewhat frustrated and angry that he had to go because of a series of misunderstandings, human errors.


apart from this: hey! how are all of you doing? I havent checked most LJs lately, only some and certain dates, out of curiosity and coincidence, mainly.

You all (ought to) know my email addys, so if there's something you'd like to tell me, I may not have much time for reading LJ posts or answering fwds, but there's always time for replying to pals, be them pen~ or close.

*hugz to all that want some*
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