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i'm back

or front ;p (depends on where you are when you look at me)

lame jokes aside, I've been wanting to update for quite some time, say 6 months or so every two weeks I'd come up with ideas to post, but wouldn't have the time and/or the computer to do so...

anyone heard of a spork? I read a strip on the Brevity comic about it which was quite funny, but I cant find it now, instead the other day I came across an old saying: "In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king." Tell me what you think.

am I drifting aside? I think so. Anyway, I've got some real news, but I wont post them today, I think I'll wait for next week, or even next-next week ;)

for now I can tell you that: I still like chinese, I'll be on finals starting june 6th-10th, I've added some new people to my LJ's friends' list and taken no-one out of it, no matter how long it's been since they last posted a thing, they're still my friends so they should remain in the list. Of course, I have less than a hundred friends, so I dont need to thin the herd.

there was something else I wanted to write/post today, but I cant remember now :p /me sleepy

well, as always, lotsa love and all good things, and a free hug for each and everyone of you ^_^

p.s. I must admit it, I am a SW fan but I havent seen EpIII yet, monday 30th may evening is the day.
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