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been thinking for some time about making a Flickr account -since it's from Yahoo! and I already have a yahoo profile- ; if you'd like to comment/answer plz: do you have a flikr account?

also, about pictures, I'm trying to import/export/upload all the (digital) pictures I've ever made or been taken to my new laptop, in chronological order year > month > day _ for now oldest I've checked are 2003 :p

so I've found a few things I thought I'd lost, and can't find others I thought I knew were safe :-/
did any of you ever ask me for piccies (r.l.)? if so and I forgot to send you, now it's the time for you to nicely ask again (comment plz, and also send me an email so I can now where to send the pics), mkay?

Tags: picture, real life, update
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