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happy -late- xmas (again)

~ tomorrow I part to the north, to MVOS-N´s family cottage. 6 and a bit hours on bus; maybe cos I think I´ll sleep on the way I´m not sleepy now? I´ll pass the end-of-year there, mum´s prolly gonna miss me much.

~ I havent sent proper bd gifts to people I know whose bd has passed. If such is your case, write to me (comment or email me) and dont hesitate to ask for stuff.

~ I have around 80 unanswered LJ comments in my mailbox, go me.

~ I´ve been all day feeling as a 'nuthin', I mean i wasnt happy, I wasnt sad, I wasnt sick nor healthy, awake nor sleepy, and it´s 4am and I stil am unsure of my current state of body and mind.
Of course the fact that the night of x-mas I slept too little and was awakened many times by the wails of poor lil´John (bro) who was sick and had his nose full of -well, you can imagine the kid and his nose, right?- and that today´s nap was although 1hour long it felt short and incomplete, has nothing to do with my state.

~ //insert 15 minute lapse here// is there something else I wanted to mention tonight? Uuh, dunno... ;.;
maybe that my wish list (for january 6th) isnt empty but has none of the real/big stuff I wanted/needed, and probably I wont even get that.

~ good night to you all [and those without a journal too ;) ] and may you have a good start of the year 2004.

p.s. the song´s lyrics can be found here
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