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[DISCLAIMER: I´m losing my english communication skills, therefore forgive any

mistakes shown on this piece of writting]

so, after ... four full months (and some days) I'm updating. Sure, it's just a resumè for

the months of january, february and half of march but hey, it's better than nothing, no?

And this goes to show that I still want to keep up to date, therefore I´m making the next


w.t.f. has happened all this time? well, here's a resumè of some of the most

important/remarkable stuff (in chronological order):

~january 6th _ 3 Wise Kings/Men'day = presents! mobile phone, books, money and a

chinese writing brushes' set among other things. <*> also started to play -for

fun- NeverWinter's Night but didnt get too far.

~january 7th _ for once in my life I go on shopping spree at sales. (Days on I'd

lose two earrings and a beautiful sweater I had bought then).

~january 8th _ end of Christmas holidays = back to university ¬¬ ; received a

package from the USA: import comic books = yay ^_^

~january 12th _ discovered an uncle of mine was terminally ill (from that day on my

mother will be travelling back and forth to check on my aunt); and also the

panties-for-all manga called "Aika"

~january 14th _ gave a lecture on Chejov's short stories and the societies he

describes thorugh the characters for Russian Literature - days onward I´ll be told mine

was the best lecture.

~january 18th _ watched on german music tv Viva last episode of "X" by Clamp.

~january 21st _ I'm informed my uncle's dying of lung cancer and multiple

metastasis (he had been smoking for all his adult life, but had quit two years ago).

~january 23rd _ MyVeryOwnSchmootsie-Nür and start watching "Black

Adder" first season on dvd (nowadays I think we're stopped at fourth chapter second


~january 24th _ last shopping spree on this year´s january sales.

~january 25th _ I wake up in the small hours (6:40am), seconds later I hear my

mother's mobile phone ringing, my uncle has died. Dinner ina fancy restaurant with

MVOS-N (special offer 2x1).

~january 26th _ all my house gets up early; car to my uncle´s funeral and mass.

Meet some family I´ve heard of but never actually known.

~january 30th _ after a few days feeling weak and slow, at night at MVOS-N's

house I fall sick. Return home in his father's car (instead of 1 hour combo of

subway and bus).

~february 1st _ dinner with MVOS-N in fancy restaurant (again 2x1 offer) ->


~february 7th _ Mensa Spain's 20th anniversary dinner; afterwards MVOS-N´ll

sleep at home but not in the same room as me.

~february 9th _ russian literature exam, and hand out project (basically I typed

what I said at my lecture on january 14th) - failed exam cos didnt study, teacher says

I'll pass in September if I study a little more and improve just a bit my project.

~friday 13th _ MVOS-N and I spend a whole day at a mall-centre (many

different big shops all together in the same neighbourhood).

~february 14th _ I make a no-bake chocolate mousse cake for MVOS-N and we

eat it for dinner's dessert.

~february 15th _ my comic collection grows as I buy tons of good quality second

hand WildCATS quite cheap.

~february 27th _ watched "Lost In TRanslation" undubbed with spanish subttiles at


~march 2nd _ MVOS-N and I buy a 200€ dvd/divx/whatever-you-ask portable

player (100€ each of us).

~march 5th _ finally saw Mel Brooks' "High Anxiety" undubbed (I'd seen it like 6

times, no kidding, but I knew the jokes in spanish).

~march 6th _ saw "Kill Bill Vol.1" undubbed at cinema (bought tickets previous


~march 7th _ tried to contact sheekayt for her birthday.

~march 8th _ my german teacher (I no longer go to german lessons, but she´s been my

teacher for three of my four years studying it) tells me it´d be better if I finished all

5courses of german and french before going to university, I tell her I´m already in

university, we both think if I should leave university until I finish my foreign


~march 11th _ I didnt have lessons that day because teachers and

schools were on strike, and so was my university. Mum called home early in the morning,

telling me and my older stepsis not to take the train and to switch the telly on to see

the news. I had to call a lot of people that morning and afternoon, to assure them I wasnt

being the news. I had planned for some weeks to see my 6-year-old lil'bro after school,

and so I did take him home from his studying place.

~march 14th _ first time I vote on national elections.

more to come a.s.a.p.
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