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dah noos

the news:

this thursday, june 30th 2005 I'll be taking a flight to Moscow, and I'll be staying there for the whole month of july (almost; my flight back is on july 30th). I'll be receiving lessons daily (4 hours in the morning) mon-fri for the first three weeks, on the fourth we still have the right to use the facilities of the campus (including room and bathroom) but everyone usually just packs and travels to other cities, most commonly Saint Petersburg.

I had more news, I know I said I'd post more, but right now I'm tired (1:50am) and blogger hasnt helped to make my mood any better.

I hope all of you are well, and will have wonderful holidays

I'll try to update when I return. As always, one hug per visitor and feel free to comment or write me emails :)

p.s. MVOS-N and I have been together now for two consecutive years and almost seven months ^_^
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