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Richard Sharpe

this past sunday (april 15th, 2007) I was watching tv quite idlessly when Sean Bean caught my attention, he was in a movie called "Sharpe's Challenge" about a british kinda rogue/rough soldier in India, and he looked darn good in his green jacket and different than usual accent. After the movie, I figured out I could surf the web in search of random info about the character and what had Mr. Bean been doing lately. Well, I discovered that the movie I'd just seen was the 15th in a series of tv movies filmed since 1993 and based on Bernard Cornwells' Sharpe's novels, which he's been writing since the early 80's (XXcentury) and are set between the end of XVIIIth cent. and beginning of XIXth.
so it's cool, I mean, I never thought adventure novels written by contemporaries could be as great-looking/feeling as those we ought to acknowledge as classics, be it Treasure Island, or Gulliver's Travels and so on, you know?
so now I've got this little link with bits of information about fangirls' sites on Sean Bean and official Richard Sharpe's stuff, and lots of new icons ;)p

everyonce in a while, I get this "super-fan-grrl" boost, and start looking things up, searching and buying and gathering anything that might be related to, in this last case, Richard Sharpe and/or Sean Bean with long hair and a scruffy appearance, so it might look like I was some type of "diogenes symptom sufferer"but not so, really (see compulsive hoarding).

ah well, apart from this sudden "fan grrl" syndrom, the other recent news is that I'm still studying english and chinese, I quit russian and polish, and every now and then check a bit my german vocabulary (note, not my grammar).

well, that's all for now, I'm still trying to keep more or less up with my friends' internet logs, but for now I've only read LJ, not anything else (be it blogspot/blogger/google, or wordpress or any other).

but keep writing and/or commenting and one day I'll catch up on you all :)

Tags: links, sharpe, update
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