+SOWHAT+ / SonseCahuni (palomalg) wrote,
+SOWHAT+ / SonseCahuni

my summer (2007)

hello all,
I'm sorry I haven't updated much during this past school-year. I've never been much good at managing my spare time, but that doesn't mean I haven't thought about writing more posts and emails.

the BIG news this time is that from tomorrow july 10th to august 23rd I'll be staying at the Beijing Language and Culture University, in China. so wish me luck!

also, I'm afraid I wont be able to comunicate much until mid september, since I have a few exams left and one lil' project yet to finish. Nevertheless, if any of you should write to me, I'd be extremely happy to read it.
[for more info on how to contact me, read friends-only post on May 21st]

best wishes for your summer, and may you be as happy as a ... something really happy? ;)

lots of love and all good things, from your soon-to-be far-away friend,

- Paloma L. G. (a.k.a. Lóu An Pìng)
Tags: china, summer
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