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random thoughts of yers truly

I just write stuff on the net for people to come and see...

+SOWHAT+ / SonseCahuni
7 December
External Services:
at the Edit Info page it asks for gender, but then in the profile isn´t anywhere to be seen. I am female, just in case you were going to ask.

my other nicks here in internet are Talli, DarthMauline, SithNotJedi, HowlAtTheFullMoon, smallfangs, Dark Sith Furre, Sonse Cahuni, and some more...

I have a blog in spanish: [TMAMOS]

my g4m3r tag won't show, anybody know why?

one quote "Fear is the Power´s bigest ally, and it´s always been" (some wise guy)

I´m in a relation with a boy. Since December 2002. He´s great, he loves me, I love him too.

my dog Yosi was put to sleep the day the US officially started bombing Irak (on march 20th 2003)

I like foreign languages. So far I can speak spanish -mother tongue-, english and some chinese. Still have to get better at german, and shouldn't leave out french just yet.

will add some other details as I get more confident with the 'here´s my life for the whole world to see' issue.